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We Have Birthed Our Cyber Baby

It's been a fun week here at Chicks Who Click. And by fun, I mean bloody full on.

I've been up until stupid o'clock quite a few nights, putting the finishing touches on this little site that Sam's husband Ben has kindly put together for us (yes, I do think he'll be duly 'compensated', and no, I don't know what his currency is, nor do I wish to).

Having a website somehow makes me feel like we have a 'proper' business, even though we have already run one seminar and have plans to do many more this year, this funny little piece of virtual real estate has created an anchor for me. I hope that as it grows, it will become a gorgeous space for Clickers to come and play. Maybe read some blogs, browse the shop, engage with other Chicks, that kind of thing.

So even though it's only a newborn- which if it's anything like my kids, it's a bit weird looking and not really fully functioning (sorry Liam and Coco, but you really were strange looking babies), at least it's here. 

I'll be adding things as time goes on, so pop back often so you can see what we're up to.

I'll keep you updated through this blog from time to time, but the real action on the quick updates happens over on our Facebook page. I have no idea how to link that to this page at this point in time, so you'll have to somehow get there yourself. I'm sure you'll manage with out me.

So, welcome. I hope you enjoy what we are creating with our Clicker community, and we look forward to getting to know you better. 

I'm off now to pack the car ready for our big chiro seminar this weekend, where we have a CWC booth. Sam is speaking at it, and I have the honour of introducing her. (I'll let you know if she's any good.)

See you soon, 


It's time to celebrate...

It's time to celebrate...


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