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Do you sometimes find you have a theme for the week? 

Some weeks it seems like everyone who comes into my office to have their spines checked, and everyone I coach with, need the same information to move forward in their life. So I say it and I say it and I say it, until it finally sinks in, and I realise that I was the one who needed to hear it after all.

This week the thing that "everyone else" needed to hear was: done is better than perfect. I shared this info with some practice members, and one started a new business and another sent out an email blast that she had been procrastinating about. I bossily told a few of my coaching clients the same thing, and one put her property on the market and moved her office, and another started up her own coaching business.

And so the list goes on.

Finally I listened to all of the noise that was going on around me about how it's better to ship it (even if it's not accompanied by trumpeting angels and a shaft of sunlight from the heavens) than to have it sitting on the wharf somewhere. So I shipped this website (thanks Ben), I completed a talk I'm doing in NZ in a few weeks time, and I started writing some longer bits and pieces that one day might become a thing that people would want to read..In a booklike form...I almost said it: A book. (Here is where I run away in fear and embarrassment for a while)

Generally in life I'm not too bad at just putting my stuff out there, because as most people know, I'm what I call "a bit shit" at many things, so the expectations are fairly low.

One thing I've found however, is the the more important something is to me, the harder it is to have a lackadaisical attitude towards getting it shipped. There seems to be more at stake, with the things I hold dear. And so the things I see as desirable are the ones it's harder to move ahead on.

Such an interesting paradox: the things I don't care about, I can quickly pump out without a care, and then, the things I would love to be doing, or be successful at, I shrink away from, until the desire is a shrivelled walnut of resentment and stasis.

The mind is a funny thing.

Remember to just get it done.

I'll try to do it too.


What was your theme this week? And what did you ship?


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