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The Change Up

The Change Up

Change is a funny thing isn’t it?

When we choose to make a change we are all excited and joyful and we just can’t wait to get it going on. Change that we plan for keeps us up late into the evening with all that plotting and planning, and gets us up early, ready to play.

But what about unplanned change? The change that is thrust upon us, or change that seems to come from nowhere. What do we do with that?

I like to think I’m fairly flexible, and am able to cope with most of the curve balls that life throws my way. In fact I suspect I kinda fancy myself as being someone who thinks on her feet, and can shift things up when required without too much of a kerfuffle.

Famous last words, eh?

Last week I was thrown one of those curly ones that I really didn’t anticipate, and it’s been very interesting to watch myself initially react, and then eventually respond. You see, the thing that was chucked my way, first of all came out of left-field, and I really hadn’t been looking in that direction, so it was a bit of a surprise. And secondly, it will affect three of my top five values.

I’m guessing you know about values, right? They are what we run our life by, so 60% of my values have (or might be, when I’m in reactive mode, I tend to catastrophise) had something thrown at them. And if I don’t move purposefully and with some speed, then they’ll take a hit.


So as the week wore on, I was able to notice myself going through all the stages (denial, anger.. you know the ones), and observe my next play. Sure I can keep carrying on, and arguing with the umpire, or I can dust myself off, and realise that regardless of what happens on the field, the most entertaining thing here is: What I Choose To Do Next.

After all, isn’t that what the game is all about? Entertainment? Sometimes it seems like the game will go on forever, but we know that’s not the truth. In every game there will be a final siren, and although we may remember the scores (particularly when the Bulldogs win), the true measure will be how much we cared, how much heart we showed- especially in adversity, and how captivated we were by the players.

So now it’s time to regroup: leaving three out of five values exposed isn’t a great strategy, to check in with what the purpose of this team of mine is, to train well (practise doesn’t make perfect: only perfect practise makes perfect), to show courage (courage is derived from the term “cor” meaning heart) and to play the good game. The one of truth and integrity.

Change is a funny thing.

And we can choose to laugh.


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