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Making a Pearl

Making a Pearl

It’s a funny thing, grit.

We often have a negative response to it- it’s annoying, uncomfortable and we usually just want to get away from it. Who likes sand in their bikinis? No one… And yet grit is the thing that makes a pearl.

Grit is about our ability to stay the course, in fact there are five (simple) factors to grit, so if I paraphrase Professor Andrea Duckworth they are:

  1. Find something you care about

  2. Practice it properly (no BS just pretending to practice stuff)

  3. Look for the big picture, or purpose behind doing it

  4. Have hope that what you are doing actually matters

  5. Get a team of peeps around you who will support and challenge you.

Sounds pretty easy when you put it into five easy steps, but in reality, many of us fail before we get anywhere near step five. So what if we turned it around? What if you don’t know what to care about, you don’t feel at all hopeful or what fills with purpose? 

Could you reverse engineer it?

We reckon you can.

Which is why we created The Clique for you.

We have a strong, persistent and yes, gritty belief that if you find your tribe, you will attract your vibe. You don’t have to know it all before you take some action.

Imagine if you got around a whole bunch of chicks who have a fun and playful energy that you enjoy. Before you know it, you start sharing some of your stories and they share some of theirs, and next thing you are vibing along, supporting each other, calling each other out on bullshit, and actually figuring out what you’re here for.

Sounds pretty sweet to us.

It doesn’t have to be OUR Clique. There are plenty around. And the first step might be you making the decision to get into a group of like-minded people who share that elusive something with you. It could be world view, a musical bent or even a genre of books. Whatever it is, we think if you have read this far, you already know deep down it’s time.

So make the time.

Find your tribe.

They're waiting to help you thrive.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Variety is the Spice of Life