Summary Notes from Do Less by Kate Northrup

The following are my point-form notes from the book. Obviously they are concise and really intended as an appendix to the book itself. If you’d like some further discussion on the “phases” please have a listen to our May FB Live, or spark up a discussion in The Clique.


  • The cult of busy-ness vs finding EASE: How busy is more recognised/coveted. Would we like something different for ourselves and the women around us?

  • “It’s no longer acceptable to work as though we don’t have bodies, as though we are not of nature.” 

>It’s time for us to listen to our natural rhythms and stop ignoring the messages from our innately intelligent bodies.

  • Menstrual cycles, moon cycles, and quadrants

-Day 1-5: Introspective (New Moon), Quadrant 1, Menstruation. Rest, reflect, manifest, intuit, set intentions.

-Day 6-12: Extraverted (Waxing Moon), Quadrant 1, Follicular. Brainstorm, plan, initiate new projects.

-Day 13-16: Extraverted (Full Moon), Quadrant 3, Ovulation. Collaborate, visible, receptive, magnetic, articulate.

-Day 17-28: Introspective (Waning Moon), Quadrant 4, Luteal. Complete projects, wrap up.

  • Bonnie Ware’s book: The Top 5 regrets of the Dying 

>Listen to FB Live for these

  • Egg wisdom

Stop worrying about whether or not the thing is coming

Emit a strong signal

Do what you need to do

Be still and receptive

Reject the things you don’t want

Fix the things you do if required

Bring sustenance (back to not ignoring biology)

  • Question for yourself: What would the egg do (or not do)?

  • The view of society that you must be ‘hustling’ or you’re lazy

Let go: fear you won’t get what you want if you don’t hustle or be busy

Are you micromanaging through distrust of others?

  • Note: Appreciation is actually a higher vibration than gratitude

Listen to your body

Why? You’ll spend less time wondering if you’re doing the right thing, or asking others to help you decide, as well as spending less time regretting or backtracking from decisions you think are wrong.

  • The Vital Few: 

On the LHS of the page list all of the things you do, and on the RHS list your biggest successes. Link the things on the LHS that gave your biggest success.

>Do only what you like/are good at that move you in the direction you want to go

80% of your time should be spent in these vital few

  • Get help- where-ever and however you can.

There is vulnerability for many of us in asking

We think we have to do it alone

Perhaps we are addicted to the adrenaline?

  • Allowing and receiving: allow this day to be easy

What can I do to make it easier? What can I allow in this moment to make it easier? What can I let go of?

  • Filter the tasks: 

Does this need to be done? 

Does it need to be done by me? 

Does it need to be done right now? 

  • Knowing your worth means that you you know how to ask for help- you don’t need to justify your space by showing how much you can do for everyone. Why aren’t we asking for help? Is it due to shoulds, expectations, idealised thinking, comparisons etc?

  • Ask for help: early, often and kindly

  • Time bending

Being in flow

Time poverty or prosperity?

Become “the source of time” when you are flustered

Be present

  • Weekly vs Daily plans and lists

Leave things off the list

Choose your top 3 priorities for the week, if you do them = success

One thing each week should be on the Universe’s to do list (hand it over)

The Eisenhower Matrix

  • Communication of our needs vs resentment

The issue is not the issue

We don't have to heal our partners (in fact we can’t)

Your partner will trigger your greatest wounds so you can heal

  • YOU are enough.