Seminar : CWC2

August 17th-19th, 2018

Be Nurtured

NOTE: All accomodation, food, drinks, activities, notes and gorgeous presents are included.. We know: amazing.

Specifically at CWC2 you get:

  • 3 breakfasts

  • 2 lunches

  • Morning tea daily

  • CWC2 notes for each session

  • The CWC2 Signature cocktail on arrival

  • Champagne to celebrate with

  • 2 surprise activities

  • Gorgeous gifts for every session

  • Essential Oils for to create new memories

To follow up on CWC1 we bring you Be Nurtured. And you will be transported. You’ll be nurtured at one of the most stunning of properties on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. You’ll be nourished with delicious food, and of course there will be many gifts and surprises along the way.

Thursday: Meet at Palmwoods, to settle into the cosy, warm and comforting space. You'll be greeted with our Signature CWC2 Cocktail and some enticing nibbles. We will begin by setting the scene, to prepare you to embrace nature and be nurtured.

Friday: Salute the morning with a hearty breakfast ready for a day of work. In order to get the most out of our your time with us, we will ensure you have free time to integrate the information. We will then rejoin for a sumptuous lunch and a debrief, that will flow into some relaxed content, before we liven up with some time to play. We all gather together for dinner, followed by stories and laughter around the fire.

Saturday: Start with a lazy breakfast. Today is a day of surprises and you will love every one. When your head finally hits the pillow after an amazing day, it will be with a contented smile and a light heart.

Sunday: Is a morning of leisure, with an array of options for breakfast/brunch.  We will be working on your integration, so you can gracefully combine the learnings from the weekend, with the joy of returning home to loved ones... ready to harness the excitement and thrill of your next adventure.

Book your place so as not to be disappointed, as there are only 12 spaces at this event.