Seminar 3: CWC3

April 30th-31st, 2019

Financial Fizzing

Seminar 3 is the one that might seem a bit dry: this is our financial weekend.  But OH MY, it is NOT.

We will take you to your desired state with ease and joy.  We will teach you how to take control of your finances, allowing you to create financial freedom. Of course there is will be an array of gifts to ensure that you are cherished, just as you deserve.

CWC3: Your inclusions: 

  • 2 breakfasts

  • 2 lunches

  • Morning tea daily

  • CWC3 notes for every session

  • The CWC3 Signature cocktail

  • Champagne to begin and end

  • Gorgeous gifts to anchor each session

  • Essential Oils to create new memories

Saturday: We will begin our seminar bright and early at 7am, with a delicious breakfast.  We get to work at 8am with our session on Surrender- we cover transparency, clearing out and what holds you back, then we launch into masculine money- where we look at shame, blame and money beliefs and how to take control back. 

Our afternoon is all about Responsibility, reality budgeting and your “money monster”. 

To unwind after a productive day we will reward you with something lovely to sip.

Sunday: Meet at 7am to enjoy a stunning Noosa breakfast, as we get ready to jump in at 8am as we look at Feminine Finances, exploring, trust, safety and your blocks. In an action packed day, we then bring it all together, empowering you with tip and tricks, manifestation, magnetism and how to stay inspired.

We wrap it all up with a delicious shared lunch with your fave new support team of Chicks.

Note: Breakfast, morning tea, lunch and of course all of the beautiful presents are included.