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From Alison:

One day I was dreamily doing the shopping, when the hint of an idea tickled me. I’d been a Chiropractor in private practice since 1995 as well as a coach with Quest Transformative Coaching since 2014, and this fun new idea seemed to bring all of my skills together.

I called Sam, and we fleshed out a structure to weave together practical tools with gorgeous gifts, and Chicks Who Click was born. At the end of that first brainstorming session, Sam said, “Our chicks are going to be so pampered and empowered. They’ll be able to do anything.” And she was right.

Since our first event in 2016 we have been refining CWC, and we now run a series of fabulous Events, an active Membership: The Clique, and we have plans to expand the CWC movement in the coming months.

Every day I am humbled to be part this community of vibrant chicks who want more from life. We laugh, learn and make strong connections whilst sipping bubbly and living boldly.

What a gift.


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From Sam: 

Alison will say that CWC was all her idea, so let’s let her think that. What I do know is that the day we decided to get to work on Chicks Who Click, something clicked in me. I’ve always been passionate about helping people live the life they desire, from when I began working as Chiropractor in 1996, as well as in my roles as a coach, and a teacher of Chiropractic technique.

In creating CWC, all those years of study, extensive travel, and my curiosity about people and organisations has been interwoven into one fantastic system. We have found a way for women to live the life they want, with ease and most importantly, with fun.

I love the honest and generous way our community of chicks share their successes and their challenges, and are willing to step-up to live a wonderful life of joy.

I am excited to bring CWC to the world, creating generational healing.


We are an inspiring team of women who create expansion, growth and healing in a sumptuous space.

We empower women to stand up and joyfully click in to the life they deserve and dream of.
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