GSD: Get Shit Done *By application only

GSD: Get Shit Done *By application only


Get Shit Done, quite simply, is the duck's nuts.

It's a one on one (well two on one actually) whole day immersion with both Alison and Sam.

It's a chance to suck every last bit of information from our grey matter, to get your life, your business, your family and your body clicking into place. 

Over six hours (yes there will be breaks for food and refreshments) we jump right into what you want, and create workable strategies for getting that shit done. This is not a day for the fainthearted, it is for chicks who are sick of mucking around and are ready to GSD.

...And of course there will be some Vintage on ice for us at the end, to celebrate the magic that three minds can create together. 

If the very idea of this makes you a bit dizzy, then Get Shit Done is something you will want to click into this year. 

We look forward to hearing from you, so we can discuss your application.


-Alison and Sam


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