Seminar 1: CWC1 All About You

Various venues: See the booking page for details

CWC1 Inclusions: 

  • Breakfast Daily

  • Lunch Daily

  • Morning Tea Daily

  • CWC notes for every session

  • The CWC1 Signature cocktail

  • Champagne to begin and end the event

  • Gorgeous gifts for every session

  • Essential Oils to create new memories

At CWC1 you will:

  • Find your clear direction in life

  • Learn how to write a purpose statement (simply)

  • Learn the OMG morning routine

  • Ditch stupid affirmations and write new ones that work

  • Make lasting goals with our Simple Success Map

  • Learn how to get what you want

  • Work with the two best self-evaluation tools

  • Understand your family, friends and work colleagues

  • Practice the most effective communication method

  • Know why it’s different for women (and what to do about it)

  • Learn the differences between the male and female brain

  • See how to appreciate and love yourself

  • Get in touch with your chick power

  • Learn the Ultimate Success Tool for happy relationships

  • Learn to shake your booty

  • Make the changes you want, and keep it that way

  • Write the story of your life

  • Integrate back into life with ease, and no 'seminar hangover'

In Chicks Who Click style, this is something special. So many surprises, so many gorgeous, meaningful presents, so many laughs. Come ready learn with ease.

CWC1 is over two days, starting at 7am Saturday with a champi breakfast, and finishing with lunch at 2pm Sunday. Contact us now for the detailed itinerary.

Saturday: Meet us at at 7am for a delicious Champagne breakfast where we set the scene. Our Welcome Packs will get you fizzing about what is to come. 

We then jump into the seminar for our session on Purpose (We will provide you with both morning tea and lunch.) followed by our our Abundance session.

In the afternoon we explore the female brain, finishing at 5.30pm (and you will love what we have planned), before we share a smile and watch the sunset together. Yes it’s a big day, but we make it fun

Sunday: Indulge yourself this morning- either have a lie in, or go and explore, before meeting us for breakfast, and our final session on Love and Integration where we talk about how to bring it all back home.

We will cover our top tips on communication, finishing over a shared lunch by 2pm ending as we started: with something bubbly.

Seminar 2: CWC2 Be Nurtured

August 9th-11th, 2019 at Palmwoods

CWC2 Inclusions: 

  • 3 nights accomodation

  • 3 breakfasts

  • 2 lunches

  • 2 dinners

  • Morning tea daily

  • Lovely wine pairings with all meals

  • CWC2 notes for each session

  • The CWC2 Signature cocktail

  • Champagne to begin and end with

  • Gorgeous gifts to anchor each session

  • 2 surprise activities

  • Essential Oils to create new memories

    *Book your place so as not to be disappointed, as there are only 12 spaces at this event.*

In trademark CWC style, you will be transported. You’ll be nurtured at one of the most stunning properties that the Sunshine Coast Hinterland has to offer. You will be nourished with delicious food, and of course there’ll be gifts and surprises along the way. (Did someone say Tiffany?)

Thursday: Meet at Palmwoods to settle into our cosy space. You'll be greeted with our Signature CWC Cocktail and nibbles, setting the scene for you to be nurtured.

Friday: Start the morning with a hearty breakfast ready for a day of learning. To maximise our content, and your time with us, we’ll make sure you have freedom to digest the information. We provide a sumptuous lunch and a debrief, that will naturally flow into some relaxed content, before we liven up with some time to play. We all gather together for dinner, followed by stories and laughter around the fire.

Saturday: It’s time for a lazy breakfast. Today is a day of surprises and you will love every single one. When your head finally hits the pillow after an amazing day, it will be with a contented smile and a light heart. (Of course all food and drink will be provided).

Sunday: Is a morning of leisure, with an array of options for breakfast/brunch.  We will be working on your integration, so you can gracefully combine the learnings from the weekend, with the joy of returning home to loved ones..ready to for your next adventure. 


Seminar 3: CWC3 Financial Fizzing

October 5th-6th 2019, Noosa

November 16th-17th 2019, Auckland

CWC3 Inclusions: 

  • 2 breakfasts

  • 2 lunches

  • Morning tea daily

  • CWC3 notes for each session

  • The CWC3 Signature cocktail

  • Champagne to begin and end

  • Gorgeous gifts with every session

  • Essential Oils to create new memories

At CWC3 you will:

  • Learn about your money stories

  • Slay your Money Monster

  • See why budgeting doesn’t work

  • Become aware of your money history

  • Learn how to become a money magnet

  • Empower yourself to take control of your money

  • Build a fabulous relationship with finances

  • Learn how to ‘talk turkey’ with ease

  • Go home ready to get real with your money

CWC3 is the one that you may initially shy away from: our financial weekend.  We will take you to your desired state with fun and ease, and teach you how become financially free. (Of course, there will be an array of gifts and pampering- just as you deserve.)

Saturday: We will begin our seminar bright and early at 7am, with a delicious breakfast.  We get to work at 8am with our session on Surrender- we cover transparency, clearing out and what holds you back, then we launch into Masculine Money- where we look at shame, blame and money beliefs and how to take control back. 

Our afternoon is all about Responsibility, real budgeting and your “money monster”.. then unwind after a productive day with something lovely to sip.

Sunday: Meet at 7am to enjoy a stunning Noosa breakfast, as we get ready to jump at 8am looking at Feminine Finances, exploring, trust, safety and blocks. In an action packed day, we then bring it all together, Empowering you with tip and tricks, manifestation, magnetism and how to stay inspired.

We wrap it all up with a delicious shared lunch with your fave new support crew of Chicks.

Note: Breakfast, morning tea, lunch and of course all of the beautiful presents are included.


Seminar 4: CWC4

October, 2019, Paris


Le Grande Finale

The Jewel in the crown: This seminar is set to run for the first time in 2019. It will be amazing, you will not want to miss this.


So where will we be for Seminar 4?  


You already know we love the branding and innovation of both Veuve and Tiffany. 

You know we are about nurturing, nature, pampering, purpose, and the very best of gifts.  And you also know, it's important for us all to grow and learn. Below is a rough guide to your timetable so far. In addition to our usual four day seminar, there will be delightful excursions to soak it all in.  

What we know is that in true CWC style you will be speechless.

We are putting together a stunning itinerary that will delight every one of your senses… and then some. There will be presents, tours, pampering and of course, the magic that is CWC.

There will be sipping of champagne, and of course munching on delicious canapés will be de rigueur.  We know you will sink with a sigh into an event that by now feels like home, and yet with the excitement and anticipation of another CWC weekend. Filled with knowledge, gifts and purpose. And surprises. Of course there will be surprises.

For more details, contact Alison or Sam and we will provide you with our secret itinerary. We are so excited to share this event with our Chicks. We know you’re going to love it.

There will be time for reflection on where you have come from, and integration of all four seminars, ensuring that every one of you Chicks Who Click have achieved all that have set out to do. We call this the revel and relish session, as you now have all of the skills and all of the tools to be living the life of your dreams.




How to SIGN UP

STEP 1: Register your interest by a personal message on Facebook, Instagram or email and we will get you sorted. Or simply book here on the website and your space will be reserved immediately. 

STEP 2: You will be sent a Welcome Letter with all the information you need for the event. 

(Note; We cannot hold a space for you, until a deposit has been paid.)

Take the step and click into the life you want.


Payments can either be paid in full or in instalments (message us to arrange)

In Full for CWC1: $1320.00 AUD

In Full for CWC2: $2400 AUD

In Full for CWC3: $1500 AUD

Instalments: The full amount will be divided up, by agreement between us.

Credit card - Via online booking or by contacting us for over the phone processing. 

Direct deposit - Bank details will be supplied on request.

Pay Pal - One easy step on this website.


A full refund can be given with one month notice before the start of the seminar.

50% refund can be given with two weeks notice before the start of the seminar.

25% refund can be given with one week notice before start of the seminar. 

No refund will be given for 24 hours notice, or a no-show at the seminar.

No discount will be given for days missed or non-attendance of sessions.