Here are some testimonials from some of our Clickers. 

Thanks Chicks, we really appreciate your feedback, and we love that you came and played "all in" with us. 


Natise SchalkenI'd do #1 all over again.

Kimba CollinsFun & Inspiring! This is not your average seminar!  It's about connecting with other like minded women and focusing on what you really want in life.  These girls bring entertainment, tools and knowledge with a dash of class.

Samantha HaitsmaAfter 9 years in practice, 3 small humans, 2 house shifts and 2 close family deaths, the metaphorical cup was not only empty but shattered. CWC replaced it with a Tiffany champagne glass and nothing has ever been clearer or more bubbly for me. 

So grateful to Alison and Sam for facilitating a revolutionary shift.

Jenny Roppola - Just a wee, well actually big, thanks for the CWC weekend- I had much to work through, and the seminar helped me with that. The weekend gave me a chance to feel special again, and realise that I am worth so much more. I know now more than ever that I will be fine, and the seminar helped me to get more perspective and clarity. 

Anna Kuegler (nee Murphy) - Alison and Sam created a really fun, intimate and trusting environment to be able to think creatively and openly. We were able to get really clear about our purpose and goals in life. We were given some amazing tools (and HEAPS of presents) to start integrating our learnings into life immediately. I also came away with really sore cheeks from laughing too much. Did I mention there were presents?

Since the seminar my practice has grown at a much greater rate than prior to the seminar. I have a greater sense of the direction that I am heading, and some amazing opportunities have presented themselves since then. I have more tools in place to ensure that in my practice I am consistently more present with energy, enthusiasm and purpose. 

It somehow tied together all of the stuff I’ve done with Sam in coaching and all other personal and business development seminars that I’ve done over the years. 

Actually, and probably most importantly, the seminar just generally left me fizzing about life.

Jennifer ButcherBest seminar I have attended in 20 years. Thanks you CWC!

Kate Roocke- I found Chicks who Click to be an empowering seminar structured to support and nurture the growth of females. It allowed me to relax, laugh, learn and dream. I am so thankful that I jumped in and booked the seminar - the idea itself drew me in straight away. I'll definitely be back!

Mari Volker- Ever felt like you were the only one who had challenges in your chiropractic career? For me this seminar was about embracing our differences as females in business. It was at CWC that I came to the realisation that I was trying too hard to follow a success model that wasnt a good fit.

I recommend doing CWC for a breath of fresh air and a new way to move forward.

Jayme Hallam- The thing I liked was connecting with like-minded, beautiful ladies and take part in that, that is: a Chick Who Clicks. Thank you Alison and Sam.

Suzie Brereton- I joined the lovely ladies at CWC hoping to find direction with my business and to enhance my communication skills. I was blown away with the amount of content we covered and the overall experience. I left feeling on track and ready to make the changes I need to grow as a person and for my business. I highly recommend this seminar to anyone looking for clarity and to be spoiled along the way. Thank you girls, a weekend I will never forget.

Hayley Austin- I had the pleasure of attending the Chicks Who Click seminar at beautiful Noosa. Being the youngest there I had no idea what to expect or how I would take in the information over the three days.

However, I was blown away. When I attended I was in a bit of a rut, trying to find who I was and what kind of pathway I'd like to go on, and the ladies at Chicks Who Click were so inspiring with the different sessions and helping you understand parts of yourself and why you are that way. I have come away with so much knowledge and I feel like a much more powerful, self loving woman. I fell like many young women and teenagers need people like Alison and Sam to give guidance like this when they feel stuck, or for school leavers who have no idea who they are and what their worth is. These two ladies will definitely change lives. 

Meaghan Simpson- There is so much to love about a CWC seminar!

The ethos of pampering while empowering is a combination that really resonates with me. The gifts received throughout have become such a valuable touchstone to reignite the passion and inspiration of the weekend and have inspired me to revisit the concepts in a way that I haven't done with material from previous seminars.The most useful tool for me is the morning ritual, which has really helped me to reconnect and stay connected to my core values and statement of purpose.

Sam and Alison were fantastic presenters and I loved the way they delivered the course. Lastly, the venue was spot on!

One word to sum up- sumptuous- so don't let anything prevent you from this necessary indulgence!