Welcome Clickers!

We are so excited to begin this journey together.

Every month we will have a fun and inspiring theme to keep us all on track, and clicking along.

As part of The Clique membership, this is what you receive:

  1. A weekly Quick Clique email, on Monday

  2. A weekly podcast, on Tuesday

  3. A recommendation for the book of the month

  4. A Facebook live at the end of each month

  5. Some sort of pressie from us (it could be posted or emailed, depending on what fits our theme).

  6. 10% off CWC events and products (use the code CLIQUE)

You will be added to the Secret Facebook group, where we would love you to interact with your fellow Cliquers about your challenges and wins, where you would love some support, or just fun things that are unfolding for you. Do come with a curious and open mind, ready to shift and change.

Keep an eye on this Member Page, as this will host lots of extra goodies like worksheets to inspire you, or new info, as we build the CWC World.

So Congratulations, welcome, and happy clicking!

-Alison and Sam