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Quick Click #2: Where Are You Stopping?

You’ve hopefully had a lovely week of letting your mind roam free, and thinking on what you would love your life to look like. And you might have noticed something.

Often when we dare to dream, a little voice pops up. The voice might be called Reason or Practicality or How. Or it might have another name, but whatever it’s moniker, for most of us, it is the the voice of NO. It’s a voice that quickly and succinctly dashes those whispers of dreams to shreds before they even have a chance to take flight.

The school of “positive thinking” would tell you to ignore the voice and power on through. That you just need to shove that voice aside and know “you’ve got this”. Which is both true and untrue at the same time.

It’s true in that you can do whatever you dream up. And it’s untrue because if you don’t dismantle the obstacles your mind throws in your path, they will be the things that trip you up.

This week: no more ignoring.

We would love you to spend some time letting the voice have it’s say. Write a list of all of the stops and blocks you can think of, that could prevent you from obtaining that thing you dream of. Be open and receptive, and let the voice have its say.

Once that voice is worn out from all the talking, it’s time for you to really go to town. It’s time to sniff your lemon oil, get focused, and, next to every single block, write a solution.

The solutions can be simple or outlandish, sensible or fanciful, but we want you to find at least one way that stop can become a go.

Now GO!

-Alison and Sam

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