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Quick Click #1: Preparation

Clickety Click, it’s starting!

Well Clickers, it’s finally here, our little baby, The Clique is all grown up and ready to fly.

We have sent you a little pressie in the post, that you can use as an anchor for our theme this month: Preparation.

Tomorrow our first Podcast will drop, where we will be asking you about setting some intentions, so over the next 24 hours, why don’t you let your creative mind meander around a little, and dream about what you’d love the year ahead to look like. Give yourself the gift of a few minutes to really feel how tingly your life can be.

We are very clear on how we know things will look around here, and the changes you will make as the months unfold.

Just like a fabulous bottle of Vintage Veuve, it takes time to create a thing of sparkling wonder, but there is work to be done in the tilling of the soil and the planting of the vines, way before we ever get to pop the cork. Preparation is key, and it’s worth taking the time, to get yourself primed and ready to rock and roll.

So have a think about doing some purposeful preparation this May. On tomorrow’s podcast we will share the CWC Purpose Statement, so you can learn more about what we are preparing for, and how it will transform you.

Chat soon, and happy dreaming.

Alison and Sam

Quick Click #2: Where Are You Stopping?