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Quick Click #7: Clear Abundance

When you think of abundance, so many things could spring to mind- perhaps you think of huge amounts of delicious food to be shared with friends, or maybe you think of an abundant amount of time to do the things that really fill your cup, or you might even think of having more than enough money, so you can enjoy the finer things in life. What we do know, is that whatever pops into your head when you hear the word “abundance” will be linked with the things you value the most.

This week, we would love you to repeat the word abundance to yourself over and over, and notice what comes up. How ever your brain most likes to process information will create your perception of abundance. And by that we mean your impression will be to imagine seeing, hearing, touching, smelling or tasting the concept of abundance.

So go with your preferred sense to begin with, and then see if you can bring the other four into play. You may even want to grab a pen and paper and write lists of what abundance means to you under each of the senses. For example, if abundance means spending time on holidays with your family, then write down what an rich and delicious holiday would look, sound, smell, feel and taste like.

We know for a fact that in order to have an abundant life, we must first define it, and the more big, bright and bold you can make it, the better.

Now for the fun part: once you’ve had a play and created a fabulous template for the abundance you want to attract, see if you can chunk it right down, listing all of the steps needed to have that experience.

In the holiday example above, you might start with asking your family where they’d like to go, and end with you booking flights with the travel agent.

The only limit here is your imagination, and remember, if it seems “too hard” or “too far-fetched” then just add the magic ingredient: TIME. Dropping everything to go on a trip to Disneyland next week might be a bit of a stretch, but perhaps you could figure out a plan to save some money each week, with the goal of going there in two years time. It’s often useful to have the long game in mind.

Have fun with this one- you’ll be surprised at just how many things line up when you create a beautiful story- all that’s left is for you to step in.

-Alison and Sam

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