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Quick Click #8: A Life of More

As our month of Abundance is drawing to a close, we know you’ve been noticing just how much you actually do have, and will be seeing fresh new ways of creating more. Having a life of more: more fun, more laughter and more beauty is simply about getting clear on what you really do want, chunking down the steps, getting help where needed and getting the work done.

Possibly the most important step in a “more-ish” life, is deciding what you are truly willing to put time into, so this week, look back on the dreams you have been concocting, and be discerning- be truthful with yourself in just how much you are willing to devote to the things you say you want. It can be easy to adopt dreams and desires that aren’t fully your own, or that sound good on the surface, so this week: let’s get real. You have just one life- what do you want to spend it on?

Once you know that, the magic really can happen. You’ll notice coincidences and opportunities opening up for you, and the part of your brain known as the RAS (reticular activating system) will see fresh pathways opening up. You will also start to see where you are squandering your abundance, which will lead to a heightened ability to use the time, money, energy and opportunities that are yours for the taking.

Have a fun week, tracking on what you are willing to spend your life-force on, and how to utilise the bountiful abundance that is right in front of you.

-Alison and Sam

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