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Quick Click #5: Let's Get Abundant

Let’s Get Abundant

Welcome to June, the month of Abundance.

First of all, let’s look at the definition- Abundance: a very large quantity of something. Okay, no surprises there.

Very often, abundance is associated with either money, or other monetary rewards, and it can also mean stuff. And whilst we recognise that money is an important part of abundance, it’s not everything.

To begin our month of abundance together, we would love you to start noticing the life areas (if you need a reminder, you can find them listed in the “useful stuff” area on your Member Page) where you are most abundant, and where you feel like you have more than enough. It’s likely that you not only have more than enough in your abundant areas, but you also probably know how to create more with ease.

For example, an area that we both feel particularly abundant is in creativity. We find it easy to bring together information and ideas and bring together a new slant on them. This means that we never worry about “not having enough” content, or have any fear around being able to put together a new event. So that means creativity is an area of great fun for us, as we don’t have a poverty mindset associated with it.

Wild Orange is the oil of abundance, so over this month we would love you to notice just how many plump, ripe, delicious oranges you can see around you (it should be easy for those in the Southern Hemisphere) and remember the oranges of your childhood: the sweetness, the slight tang, and the abundant juice running down your chin. You might even want to grab yourself some orange oil to diffuse, to help create a nice strong anchor for abundance.

Over this month we know you will see that there really is more than enough of everything to go around- the first step is in the noticing.

Where are you most abundant right now?

-Alison and Sam

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