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Quick Click #9: It's Storytime

Stories, we all have them, don’t we? For better or for worse, we all have family fables (Aunty Mary always gives crappy Christmas presents) and personal stories that we run our lives by. You know the stuff I’m talking about: I’m too fat, too thin, too ugly, too pretty, too sexy, not sexy enough.. and the list goes on (and on).

This week, in our first week of Femininity we would love you to think of the stories that you are running with respect to how you see yourself as a woman. Do you you have gender-based rules on how you do your life, or how you see the world? One ripper that I (Alison) have been running for most of my adult life is: “Men are stupid and women have to do everything, or the world will go to shit.” Now as fun and powerful (?) as that may sound, it comes with a massive cost (I have to do all.of.the.things.), so the older and possibly wiser (?) I get, I am realising that perhaps I could run with a more resourceful story. Maybe one that says, “Men and women are very different, and have unique talents which can be used in a variety of ways.”

Now at first glance that looks a bit clunky, and the first few times you make a new rule it can feel like a lie. But one thing we know for sure, is “the more the more the more”, so the more you repeat the new rule and the more vibrant and exciting you make it, the easier it will be to replace the old, less useful one.

This week we would love you to start looking at the rules you have about being a women, and checking in to see if they serve you. If they don’t, what would you like the new rule to be? Hint: if you can’t see your own rules, what rules to you notice “other people” running?

So welcome to July, the month of all things female. Our Oil of the month is Cinnamon- the oil of sexual harmony (notes are in your member area), so let’s get a little spicy.

-Alison and Sam

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