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Quick Click #11: Garbage In, Garbage Out

In the computery world there’s a term: GIGO which is Garbage In, Garbage Out, meaning: when we input nonsense or useless terms we get a rubbish result (Think: Al’s husband Nath telling the printer to “print all pages” of a 83 page pdf on How To Fix Watches, and when it didn’t immediately print, pressing *command*p about eighteen times, then being cross at the ‘dumb computer’ when it did in fact print eighteen copies).

This week we would love you to think about your body GIGO.

Health and wellbeing is an inside job, and everything we input will be reflected in the output. Whether it be the food we eat, the quality of the vitamins we take, the products we put on ourselves or the thoughts we repeat. They all have an effect on our vibrancy.

Last week we asked you to make a plan for some kind of fun movement, and this week we’d like you to take it to the next level and do a physical audit. What things are you putting in that really don’t serve you? (Like when Al knows that Mexican is going to give her a stomach ache, but she eats it anyway) All the way through to the skin, hair and body products with a list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce. (Hint: our skin is our biggest organ, and yes we absorb things through it, so we want to make sure our products aren’t garbage.)

Make this one easy: start with one drawer, cupboard or pantry shelf, and chuck out all of the garbage. Then next week do one more.

The trick here is to be truthful. We know sometimes we don’t want to part with that killer lippy that makes our lips tingle (so we know it’s full of chemicals, and that’s not serving us) or that box of choccies that your workmate gave you, and you really could do without.

If you really don’t want to use or eat it, the best way is to get rid of it. Make your life easy. The garbage goes OUT not IN.

Remember: there’s always more in shops, so if you truly do regret the decision, and you really, really want to have it back, just go and buy another on. At least make it a conscious decision.

Have fun, viva le GIGO.

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