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Quick Click #13: Getting Pushy

We’ve been talking a little about the differences between the masculine and feminine brain, and how we therefore see the world. But there’s more to it than,“women try to multi-task even though we know it’s not possible, so it fatigues us and we need more sleep”. Even though this is true, and that there are chemical reasons for the differences between the processing styles, there’s something more.

Something that is at the very core of where we get our power, and how we ‘do’ the world. Given that we have all been raised in a predominantly male-dominated society, when we measure ‘success’ we may compare ourselves to masculine definitions.

Last night I was watching Suits (Yippee, another Season of Harvey is finally here) and, when I could tear my eyes away from Samantha’s fabulous shoes, I noticed how much PUSHING was going on. The characters achieved by pushing through (one woman had a migraine so was reading by torchlight), pushing each other and ultimately pushing themselves. And not in an aspirational way. In fact, after three or four eps, I was exhausted. It was all so pushy.

If we think back to our “Egg Wisdom” from Kate Northrup (go back to the May podcasts and book of the month if you want a refresher), we know that for women, our most wondrous and magical power lies in the the exact opposite. It’s not the push, but the pull that is our greatest strength. To weave our magic, we need to get clear on what we want, communicate that to our people, we emit a strong frequency and wait to receive. It’s our superpower.

So this week, we would love you to notice where you might be pushing to get things done, and perhaps you are even pushing opportunities away. Where are you pushing so hard that you are stopping yourself from receiving?

And once you know that, where can you create opportunities to step into your true feminine power, and really receive?

Brainstorm your list, and share it with us all: we can’t wait to hear what you come up with. Let’s all pull together.

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