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Quick Click #10: Let's Get Physical

In this month of getting in touch with our feminine selves, we can’t neglect talking about our physical bods. And no, not in a weird Chrissy Amphlett I Touch Myself way, but more about the way we move.

At CWC1 we have Sexy Sharna come and teach a burlesque class, and we do it for more than a bit of a lark (where we poke fun at Alison’s stick insect body-rolls) we include it deliberately in the hope our Chicks will begin to take more mindful notice of their bodies. The way they move. The way it feels to flow with the music, and perhaps even to enjoy the sensation of creating something pleasing, if only to our own eyes.

We believe it’s important to have ‘body awareness’, which is knowing where we are in space, so that we can create co-ordinated and deliberate movement towards a desired outcome. We see this in our sports people- they drill and skill particular movements so much that they become second nature, and so it is for us all. As it always is, the pathways we repeat are the ones that we can easily reproduce (the more, the more the more), and so this week we would love you to think about what movements you want more of.

Is there something new you’d like to master? Or would you like to reconnect with something you found joy in in the past? Perhaps 80s dancing used to make you smile, but it’s been years since you popped on some Salt-N-Pepa and really Pushed It (or maybe that’s just Al), or maybe you loved the dodge and weave of netball, but you haven’t even held a ball for fifteen years or so.

Very often, in the busy-ness of life, we neglect to do the things that really make us smile, and yet we all know there is nothing better than the endorphin rush that hits you when you’ve got the blood pumping. (Note from Alison: I had a very dear friend, Sam Naudin, who died of cancer a few years back, and I remember her saying to me, “It’s all good to do the weights and the pilates and the yoga, but sometimes you just need to huff and puff. It’s good for the heart in all of the ways.”)

She was probably right.

Have a think about what huff and puff would fill your heart this week. Imagine yourself doing it. And then make a plan to actually do it. Grab the diary and find a 30minute spot where you can create the space for some Huff and Puff.

I reckon it would make Sam Naudin smile.

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