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Quick Click #15: Getting Valuable

Last week we asked you to notice the people around you, and see what you either like or dislike about them. We hope this led you to notice some things in yourself that you really like, as those traits are most likely your values. We know you are familiar with values, but have you recently listed or defined them?

They say our values are formed by time we are seven years old (and possibly even as young as three) so they can feel part of us. Unless we take the time to examine them, we can be largely unconscious of their effects. Which would be fine, except our values- in particular our top three to five- run us. So it could be useful to get a bit closer, define, and then check in with our values.

You’ve already begun the process, by seeing what your resonate with or repel, and this week we would like you to take the next step and come up with a comprehensive list of your unique values. Knowledge is power, and once you have your values defined and listed in order, you can choose to keep them the way they are, or move them up and down to create the life of your dreams.

We don’t mean to harp on about this (however we will), but your decisions, plans and actions are a result of the values you hold close. Those values will form your beliefs, which will determine the things you do, and the final results you get.

Luckily, there’s a simple tool to help you (phew). This week we would love you to go to and have a play.

We will be chatting more about this and how to work with your values in the podcast this week.

It will be transformative, so have fun with this one.

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