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Quick Click #14: What Are You Made Of?

It’s often said that how we do one thing is how we do all things, so what better way get more out of this game of life (No, no, not THAT Game Of Life.. please don’t ever make me play that board game again), but to look within, and observe ourselves?

There are many ways to do this, but one of our faves is to simply notice others. It’s a funny thing, but in order to be able to see something in another person, we must first have it within us. This is most obvious when we are around children, particularly when they are doing behaviours we don’t like (and if they are our own kids, then it’s even more of a hot button), and we notice the ‘unloved trait’ of our own staring back up at us in a cute little package.

So this week we want you to take a good look at the people around you, and take note of the things you both like (Yay, you have that awesome trait) and dislike (Boo, you have that awful trait) about them. It would be GREAT to make a list, as we will debrief it in the podcast, as well as use the list next week when we build on what makes us tick.

There is a big benefit of getting clarity on this, as it is the key to understanding self, so we can then understand family and beyond. Exciting stuff!

The final thing we want you to do this week is a little quiz. You will find it at -it’s important to do it even if you have done it before, as it is contextual, and can change throughout life. (And of course the book of the same name is our book of the month for August).

Have fun, dive in and let’s really find out what lies beneath.

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