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Quick Click #16: Stuckness and Stressfulness

You have your In8 Model scores, so now you have a bit of insight as to how you get things done, the jobs you love to do (and those you don’t), and how you have all of the parts. There is nothing missing. You can, (and do) cruise through every one of these quadrants, probably on a daily basis. In fact, the more fluidly you are willing and able to glide along, the more productive, calm and energetic you will be.

Sure, you might love spending more time in your preferred quadrant, however we hope you are starting to see how all of the parts are important to your whole.

And yet sometime we get stuck.

We can get stuck when we don’t want to move to the next quadrant, often because we simply don’t care enough about the thing we said we wanted, to move into a less comfortable space. Alison: I love to dream (yes, I have “dream time” scheduled in my default diary) and many fab business ideas stay in the dreamtime, because I’m reluctant to move to Quadrant 2 and actually figure out what it would take to get that start-up started. In fact, I would rather jump straight to Quadrant 4, and imaginate it into the world, without following due process. You’ll hear me saying things like, “Let’s just wing it” or “I’m sure it will all work out” as I run around like a loon, because I don’t have a policy or a procedure mapped out.

If we were to make a generalisation, we find that many of us get stuck in Quadrant 3, unwilling to take the final leap into Quadrant 4 and GSD (get shit done).

The other thing you may like to notice, is what happens when you are doing stress.

It’s a funny thing, (and we will talk more on the podcast about this), but when we decide we are stressed, we tend to devolve to the negative behaviours of the Quadrant before (and not in a pretty way). Alison: If I’m in business mode, and happily living my in Q4 GSD world and something that I think is stressful happens, I’ll throw my hands in the air, have a sook and if it’s bad enough, you’ll find me rocking in the corner, crying about how it’s all too hard, or not fair.

Now this is not the most resourceful state, and yet it’s a strong pattern. Why? Because the model always works.

So, this week, we would love you to have a look at your In8 Model scores, familiarise yourself with your preferred quadrant, and notice what happens when you are doing stress. What does it look like, what sensations do you have (you might feel it in a particular body part) and what self-talk do you do?

This awareness will be a decisive step in moving forward. We can’t wait to move through this with you.

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