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Quick Click #17: Nevertheless, She Persisted

My Oxford Dictionary App defines Persistence as "the fact of continuing in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition."

So for us Chicks, we might find that some of this opposition comes from the outside, but also from within. So what can we do to cultivate the inner strength, the grit to achieve the life of our dreams?

Eric Barker in his “Research-Backed way to Increase Grit” blog1. tells us that grit is defined as "perseverance and passion for long-term goals" and that grit is the most reliable predictor of success, and is actually more important than intelligence.2. (Whew, saved by science.)

So to be successful, it turns out we don't need to be smart, we just need to keep on going. I'm sure that sounds just fine to all of you out there doing Tough Mudder and Cross Fit, but how do the rest of us get gritty? 

It turns out Professor Andrea Duckworth has researched it (Yes it is very sciencey of me to find this.)3. and grit comes down to just five things:

1. Pursue what interests you. Let's be honest, if you don't really like it, you aren't likely to stick with it. Sounds good so far: do more of what you love (See point 3, below).

2. Do deliberate practice. Which means working on weaknesses and making improvements, not shonky, "she'll be right" and "I'll look at Facebook whilst I do it" practice.

3. Find purpose. By having a greater sense and meaning to your work. This might even be what separates a job from a vocation. If the vision is big and exciting enough, it's easier to stay until the final siren.

4. Have hope. This means not merely sitting around hoping things will be better some day/ some how, but more of a gritty type of hope, that believes that our own actions can improve the future. That tomorrow will be better because we will make it so.

5. Join a group of fellow grit-masters. Perhaps my Mum was right when she used to trot out all those old sayings like, "Birds of a feather, flock together." In fact, Jim Rohn is quoted as saying that we come to be the average of the five people we spend the most time with. So finding a team of people you would love to be like, could be a good idea. (Hence why we created The Clique).

We can overlay Professor Duckworth's work with what we know about The In8 Model 4.

Quadrant 1: Why? Having a meticulously refined reason for doing something- that purpose we can't wait to live out.

Quadrant 2: What? Create a blueprint, and then practice it, making corrections. The CWC slogan of, “Just do it. Even if it’s a bit shit,” works well here. Then keep checking in and changing it up.

Quadrant 3: How, and who with? A clique of like-minded chicks can do more than you on your lonesome, so lean on your team.

Quadrant 4: What else, and when? This echoes our desire to get things done, and the knowledge that we can do it. In the words of William H. Johnsen, "If it is to be, it is up to me."

So how about you? Are you ready to get down and gritty and get the job done? After all, they do say it takes a bit of grit to make a pearl.

This week we would love you to go within, think about what you’d love to persist with, and go start working on your five steps. In the words of Coco, Aged 12, “It’s only five steps, how hard can it be?”

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