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Quick Click #18: Getting Flexy

Welcome to September! The month of Grow and Flow.

It’s the start of Spring down here in the Southern Hemisphere, so we wanted to tune in to the seasons for a month of growth. And even though it’s Autumn for you gals in the north, this can be a chance to have a li’l growth spurt before heading into Winter.

We will be talking about the stages of growth this month, and the effect of the seasons on our lives as well as what constitutes effective and sustainable growth. As we see it, there’s no real point of growing just for the sake of it. We want to be checking back in with our purpose as we grow, to make sure we still want that end product. Otherwise the harvest can feel a little, “Meh”. You know the feeling: you finally get the thing you’ve been striving for and you look around, and the success seems a little hollow.

All of the stages of growing something are important: from getting the soil ready, to planting the seeds, nurturing their growth, protecting them from outside forces, and allowing them to thrive.

But one thing that is often forgotten in this process is the importance of flexibility. For the little sapling to grow into a magnificent Cypress Tree it must be able to notice, and then adapt to the changes of the environment. And so it is with us. Kids at school these days get taught to have a “growth mindset” rather than a “fixed mindset” (and they call each other out on it), so they can open up to possibilities.

So this week we would love you choose some area of your life where you’d like to grow, and then see if you can notice where you might be a little inflexible. Perhaps it’s being stuck on an outcome, or maybe it’s about thinking it can only be achieved in one way.

We can’t wait to hear what you notice.

HINT: If you are “fixed” you will feel it in your body. Notice if you are holding tension and see how it feels when you have a more flexible thought.

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