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Quick Click #20: Burn Baby, Burn

It seems like a lot of the world wants us to have a life of ‘balance’, where we attend to all.of.the.things in equal measure, elegantly standing in the centre of the see-saw of life, poised. Ready for anything. And able to maintain our perfect position without teetering.

As enviable as that may look, we have a feeling that not much gets done from that position. So we would like to suggest something different. A life of UNbalance. And in fact we like the Four Burner Theory to keep you on fire, without burning out.

Let’s imagine that we have four major life areas:

  • Body- this is all of your health/food/sleep/self care,

  • Business- this is your work/career and finances,

  • Family- which includes everyone you know the name of,

  • Marriage- or love relationship (and it can be with yourself if you are currently single,

and each one is a burner or hotplate on your stove-top. What would happen if you turned them all up at the same time? Or turned them all down to simmer?

Instead of trying to have them all balanced or equal all the time, what if you selected to turn them up or down one at a time, in order to suit your purposes? For example: on a work day, you might turn family and marriage down to minimise distractions, turn business up to high, and body could be somewhere in the middle (a gal’s gotta eat after all).

Imagine how much growth you could create by consciously choosing what to turn up or down, so you can have the life you want. Even better, imagine communicating to your loved ones about the burners, so they can better understand when they are being turned on or off, instead of feeling rejected or neglected.

This week, have a look at your four burners and make some decisions on when you will turn each one on or off. See if you notice more growth when you put all of the energy into one burner at a time. (And make sure all of your burners get a chance to fire up.)

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