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Quick Click #19: A Reason, A Season

It’s often said that people come into our lives for a reason or a season, and in the words of Heraclitus, “change is the only constant in life.” Even though we know this, we can sometimes get stuck, and resist the natural flow of the seasons, which of course is the natural flow of life. We try to hold onto people, things and experiences and stop them from moving on.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself savouring a moment, and wishing you could stay there forever. Or maybe you’ve made a plan to make a change in your life, only to find that you don’t want to move. Change can be both magnificent and scary (or as my kids would say, it can make you nervicited, both nervous and excited. -Alison), and we really can’t resist it.

Perhaps we could try a different approach. Imagine if we chose to work with the shifting seasons, using the all that energy to flow with life, instead of trying to work against it. Imagine the effortless and fluid movement we would have.

In NLP they speak of the “Seasons of Life”, where every few years we move to a new life-season. For example, from 0-3 Years of age we are in Winter: cuddly, cosy and introspective. Then from 3-6 Years we are in Spring: curious, growing and exploring. From 6-9 Years we are in Summer- bright, sunny and extroverted. Then from 9-12 Years we are in Autumn: harvesting and preparing for winter. (Don’t worry, Sam has drawn up a handy chart for you in the Member Area with all the subsequent ages).

This week we would love you to look at what season you are in right now, and reflect: are you already working with your season, or have you been resisting? Where would you like to grow, using the natural flow of the season?

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